Brewing Instructions


Equipment Needed:  Turkish Mill, the Ibrik, Demitasse cups, Sugar, Spices (cardamom and or anise is typically used).

Ratio of coffee to water:  1 demitasse full of cold water to 1 heaping teaspoon of coffee.  You can adjust to taste from there.

Instructions:  1 teaspoon sugar for every 2 teaspoons of coffee, spices are optional.  Stire the mix of coffee, sugar and cold water until sugar has dissolved prior to brewing.  Start the brewing over a medium-high heat.  You will see this mixture reach 3 boils before the brewing process has completed.  For the first two boils remove from heat until the froth settles then replace on the burner.  After the 3rd boil remove from the stove and stir the mixture.  This settles down the grinds in the foam.  Evenly distribute between demitasse cups and serve.

French Press

Equipment Needed:  Burr Grinder, French Press Pot, Tea Kettle or Electric Kettle, Chopsticks

Ratio of coffee to water:  1 rounded tablespoon per “cup” roughly 4 oz. of water.

Instructions:  Heat water and add grounds to the French press pot.  Once water has reached temp, pour steadily over the grounds until covered.  The coffee will start to bloom (foam).  Using the chopsticks stir the mixture approx. 6 stirs.  For small press pots steep for 2-3 minutes and for large press pots steep for 4 minutes.  Press down at an even and consistent pace to ensure that all grounds are trapped under the filter.  Hold the lid down when pouring into cups.

Pour Over

Equipment Needed:  Burr Grinder, Tea Kettle or Electric Kettle, Dripper, Pour Over Pot, Filters, Cup or pot for coffee to brew into.

Ratio of coffee to water:  1 tablespoon coffee to every 4 oz of water.

Instructions:  Heat water to between 192 – 204 degrees.  By pre-wetting the filter you are removing any acidity that the filter could add to your coffee.  To pre-wet your filter pour the water from the pour over pot as if you were ready to brew coffee.  Discard this water then add coffee to the filter.  Then start pouring the hot water over the grounds using a slow and consistent pace.  The starting point should be in the middle of the dripper moving in a circular motion from inside out.  If the filter is full of water wait until some of the coffee drains out before adding more.  Coffee can tend to cool quickly after pouring so make sure to serve it immediately for best taste.

Home Brewer

Equipment Needed:  Pre-Ground coffee or burr grinder, filtered tap water or bottled water, and preferred home brewer.

Ratio of coffee to water:  1 – 2 tablespoons per 6 oz. of water depending on your strength preference.