Our Mission

One of our goals in roasting coffee is to support farmers by buying beans that the farmers get their fair share of the profits. I normally pay at least $1.00/per pound more for my coffees to work with suppliers that have direct farm relationships with the coffee growers. One of the ones I currently have is Peru organic which I had the supplier in our office recently and he showed me videos of the farmers actually working with iPads to record all their statistical information for the crops. This is very exciting because as they gain access to more education and technology we get better coffee produced which creates better roasted coffee. One of the coffee importers that has the direct farm relationships gives back to the farms 91% of the money they earn for the coffees.

The other goal is to have coffees with a purpose. We roast for several worthy causes, Team in Training, Pretty In Pink, and the Denver Down-syndrome Foundations. All 3 are doing remarkable work in helping people by raising money towards cancer treatment for people that can’t afford health care in North Carolina (pretty in pink) a cure for leukemia (TNT) or children and the families of Down-syndrome. We want to do a coffee ministry more or less that helps people in need of help and this is the start of that business. As you notice we also do a lot of other coffees which allows us to support our family while helping support others.