About Ponderosa Roasting

We are a small micro-roaster based in San Diego, CA. We care about the quality of the beans we roast! This means that we roast our coffee in small batches with controls on our Renegade Roaster that allow us to bring out the best characteristics of each of the coffee beans we offer, for the best tasting cup of coffee.
We know that life affords very few simple pleasures. Our goal is to offer an affordable, simple pleasure to our customers! To help with this we are now offering free shipping on all orders $50 and above!
We know that everyone wants to be able to buy something that is unique and special when it comes to gifts for others. For this reason we offer our customers custom blends and private labeling. Even if it is for a wedding present and not for a large order! Please let us know what you like and we will do our best to match the flavors you are looking for.
We also offer custom etched jars and glassware to go with the coffee to help keep your coffee fresh.
Our coffee has been offered at some Hollywood events in 2012, check our events page for details of past events and our Facebook page for what is currently going on at Ponderosa Coffee! We have a lot of exciting things coming up so make sure to like us on Facebook and/or twitter to find events we will be at, giveaways, and new coffees!

You can also follow us on Pinterest to see what is going on in the land of coffee and we also have a blog where once a month we post recipes we have come up with to use our coffees in.