About Cheryl

I started in this business much different than most people that roast coffee. My husband and I own

Renegade Roasters which designs coffee roasters for people who want to roast really exceptional
specialty coffee.

We invented a touch screen controller that allows the roaster to make adjustments to airflow and
drum speed that nobody else in the coffee industry offer. By doing this I had to learn how to roast
in order to test the controls. To my utter amazement I love roasting and love the creativity it allows
me in finding those perfect roast profiles that make a single origin bean just pop to something

This type of roasting does take a lot of roasting and work since you have to find where each bean
really becomes exceptional. Have you ever wondered why a coffee that you loved one time doesn’t
taste the same when you buy it somewhere else? There are a lot of variables that go into making
good coffee!